“Satya was recommended to me as I had been suffering from a condition called Acne Rosacea for a quite few years. I had given up with trying at this point, as throughout my teens I had always had problems with my skin and never had any success with medication and skincare help from doctors and now this was just another low point in my early 50’s!

With Satya’s expert knowledge being more than just skin deep, I had regular treatments and with her very professional advice and guidance, Satya got me into a simple skincare routine which I easily maintain. I no longer suffer from the embarrassing condition Acne Rosacea and I am delighted to say my skin feels and looks the best it’s ever been. I visit Satya regularly for facials and other treatments and I always look forward to the very special tranquil space she has created. It is always 'my time' in a very busy lifestyle.

Thank you Satya, you always give more than asked for.”

—  DP