Sports & Remedial Massage
Physical Therapist

Sports and remedial massage is using various soft tissue techniques, as well as looking at postural correction, and movement re-education as part of the treatment, with the overall goal to re-create a healthy, and efficient body movement that can be maintained in the long term. 

     Manual Therapy Including :
     Deep Tissue Work
​     Soft Tissue Release
     Fascia Work
     Positional Release
     Trigger points
     Muscle Energy Technique

     Postural Assessment and Correction
     Functional Exercise 
     Pre- and post- event treatments

     Kinesio Taping


Treatments for:

Back Pain

Neck / Shoulder pain               

Hip pain               

Muscle tightness or weakness               

Sciatica / Piriformis syndrome               

Overuse Injuries
Chronic pain

...and more