Bespoke Facial

Satya’s facials address all types of skin concerns, including dry, dehydrated, sensitive, oily, mature and even skins showing early signs or ageing. She will examine, treat and recommend a home care routine.

Satya tailor's each treatment to suit your skin type using a combination of the best formulated products from carefully selected skincare leaders. The tailored nature of this unique facial will rebalance both the external and deeper layers of the

skin, resulting in a more refined and luminous complexion.


During Satya's Bespoke facial the skin is initially cleansed, followed by a suitable toner and a thorough but gentle scrub to remove the external dead skin cells. However, on occasion a mild glycolic peel may be used depending on the condition of the skin.

The face is then carefully examined for specific problems that will be addressed during the facial, and at the same time blackheads, milias and blocked pores are cleared, this is more commonly referred to as the extraction process.


Next Satya works with specific acupressure points, drains toxins away via the lymphatic system and then continues with her specialised massage. It is during this stage of the facial that Satya uses the appropriate aromatherapy oils, serums or firming masks to awaken and stimulate all muscles of the face and neck, thereby sculpting and firming the skin. You later awaken with a more youthful and healthier looking skin.