Satya trained as a beauty therapist at the prestigious Du Barry International College in London's West End where she achieved her International Beauty Therapist

Diploma. She quickly gained employment at a reputable salon in Kensington High Street, London where she developed a loyal celebrity clientele and a host of London’s elite women.

Her quest to always be at the top of her game means that Satya is constantly training

in the world's latest treatments. She can often be found at beauty trade shows

experimenting with and learning about the most advanced in skincare and technology.


In her early 20s Satya developed darkened skin pigmentation patches all over her

body. She consulted with a number of specialists over the years and tried the

prescribed conventional medicines given to her, but was unable to find a cure. She

then set upon her own mission to rid her body of the unsightly patches which lead her

into the world of healthcare, in particular complementary healthcare coupled with


15 years ago Satya opened her own beauty studio neatly tucked away from

the hustle and bustle of North London’s busy high street. It is simply called ‘Satya

Lall facialist’. This unique and tranquil oasis is a hidden gem that offers spacious

treatment rooms in a very quiet and zen like environment.

Her treatments are founded on 40 years of experience, which combines her formal

training as a facialist with a range of complementary therapies, including

homeopathy, Reiki, magnified healing and energy healing. She learned the value of

complementary treatments from her homeopath over 20 yeas ago.

‘Being able to help clients with their skin problems and wellbeing has literally been a

dream come true. We look forward to welcoming you to the studio’ - Satya

Tel: 07443 573 415

Email: satya@satyalall.com

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